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Chalkboard with the words, mind, body and soul equals you.

Mind, Body, Soul: Compassionately Confronting Mental and Emotional Health in the Workplace

Few would dispute that there is a mental health crisis in our society. One in five Americans live with a mental health condition, which amounts to nearly 50 million people.[i] But perhaps even more disturbing is that mental health remains heavily stigmatized – despite these statistics. A lack of compassion for mental and emotional health disorders can have serious downstream effects. Sufferers are much less inclined to seek out treatment even if the condition is treatable like depression and anxiety.

In recognition of these societal realities, Alliant National recently conducted a “Mind, Body, Soul” initiative. Led by Stacy Stolen, Alliant National’s HR Manager, the program seeks to address the full spectrum of employee needs, while pushing back on mental health stigmas and promoting inclusive conversations at Alliant National. The results were, and continue to be, quite positive.

Mind, Body, Soul – The Six Dimensions of Health

Stolen says the “Mind, Body, Soul” initiative highlights and addresses six dimensions of employee health:

  • Emotional
  • Physical
  • Economic
  • Social
  • Career
  • Community

Now, you may be thinking, “Isn’t this program geared toward mental health?” It’s a fair question, but the truth is all aspects of health are interrelated. Physical, social, economic and career circumstances will impact mental and emotional well-being. By discussing the different pillars that contribute to wellness, it makes it easier to act and begin healing, Stolen says.

Whether that be finding programs to help deal with difficult emotions or making changes around the workplace to promote mental health and wellness, you must first have the right conception of the full spectrum of human needs. Only then can you start making changes to feel more healthy, supportive and whole.

Putting it Into Practice

While taking a granular approach to wellness is important, it must also be paired with action. “Mind, Body, Soul” also promotes different actions employees can take to nurture their well-being:

  • Take breaks: The restorative power of a break is not to be underestimated. Whether you decide to walk your dog or do a 10-minute yoga video, a periodic break can reduce stress and improve productivity.
  • Take time off: Employees should be encouraged to take their allotted time off. Stolen said it is sometimes hard to remember that the world will not fall apart if you take time off, even if it can be tempting to think so. That’s a common misperception in our society, as statistics show that more than half of all workers do not take the time to which they are entitled.[ii]
  • Set boundaries: Setting boundaries between your workday and your personal time can help avoid burnout. It’s a mistake to discount the importance of taking time for yourself, as well as your family and friends.
  • Lunch-and-Learns: Stolen noted that “Lunch-and-Learns” are a great way to help teams connect and collaborate.Alliant National hosts lunch and learns featuring guest speakers, and employees have a chance to check in with one another – both as people and professionals.
  • Health Resources: Companies looking to promote employee wellbeing may also consider potential vendor resources. Modern Health is Alliant National’s employee welfare platform. Employees can listen to community sessions led by therapists and coaches and ask questions in real time.

How Did the Alliant National Team Respond?

Reflecting on the initiative, Stolen was struck by the amount of positive feedback received from Alliant National team members: “We heard from many employees that they were surprised that we ‘cared’ enough to focus on [‘Mind, Body, Soul’] versus bottom line numbers.”

Similarly, she was taken aback by how quickly Alliant National personnel began reaching out to leverage resources made available to them through their employee status. “I received many phone calls asking for help or advice. The calls included everything from asking where our Employee Assistance (EAP) is located, to inquiring about how to best approach a conversation with a supervisor, to requesting help with navigating health care plans,” Stolen says. “I think it speaks to the fact that we are creating a safe space for people to have inclusive conversations and address their psychological needs. Historically, mental and emotional health is a hard topic for employees to comfortably discuss.”

A Larger Trend and a Personal Mission

Initiatives like “Mind, Body, Soul” did not develop in a vacuum. Instead, they reflect long-running trends in the HR field and the workforce more generally – especially following the COVID-19 pandemic and the rise of the remote work era. “The workforce has changed significantly,” Stolen says. “Employees are demanding that their companies take a more holistic approach to wellness, and I agree!”

It’s also important to note that supporting the entirety of every employee’s needs is not only the right thing to do; it also makes good business sense. “If we do not treat the employee as a three-dimensional being whose needs encompass six distinct categories, we will not recruit and retain top talent,” Stolen says. “Employers not only need to create a workplace that offers growth and opportunity, but one that nourishes the employee in mind, body and spirit.”

For Stolen, “Mind, Body, Soul” is also personal. “To me, HR means ‘Human and Resourceful.’ I aspire to serve all employees at all levels of their being,” she said. “Employees need to be able to embody their entire selves at work – which naturally means creating an environment that’s diverse and inclusive. A healthy and happy employee is an engaged and productive one.”

Interested in discussing employee well-being strategies for your organization? Reach out to Stacy –

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[ii] 23 Astounding PTO Statistics in 2022 – What To Become

Happy Retirement - Scott Hendrickson graphic

Alliant National Co-Founder Retires

Scott Hendrickson leaves behind a growing company and an impressive legacy.

As a golfer, Scott Hendrickson has had two holes-in-one. But as a person, he actually had three. When Scott co-founded Alliant National more than 16 years ago, there was no way of knowing the venture would be successful, much less that it would be an ace that would grow into the leading independent underwriter for the independent agent. 

Back in the mid-aughts, Scott was coming off three decades of experience in financial services and leadership, having held senior positions in diverse industries like insurance, manufacturing and distribution. Eager to begin a new stage in his professional life, Scott joined with fellow co-founders Dave Ginger and Bob Grubb to create Alliant National, a title insurance underwriter with the unique mission of empowering independent agents and never competing against them.

The Colorado-based company started as a small regional underwriter. Yet under the guidance and stewardship of Scott and other members of the leadership team, Alliant National soon took off. Today, the company serves thousands of title professionals as a national underwriter licensed in 30 states and the District of Columbia.

David Sinclair, who began working with Scott in 2011 and now serves as President and CEO of Alliant National, is first to speak about Scott’s invaluable contributions. “Alliant National simply would not be the company it is today without Scott,” he said, reflecting on the CFO’s tenure. “With his leadership abilities, financial acumen and keen insights into this specialized industry, Scott has helped lead us to the success we enjoy today. His influence can be seen in nearly every aspect of our business – from accounting, finance and human resources to our culture and how we work together. What we accomplish in the future will be the direct result of his legacy.”

Margaret Cook, Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Chief Legal Officer of Alliant National, had this to say. “Scott is a consummate professional, an ethical, knowledgeable and incredibly talented executive who has played a fundamental role in shaping our company into a leading force in the title insurance industry. We’ll miss his practical insight, curious mind and dry sense of humor. We owe Scott a debt of gratitude for founding the company on his breadth of knowledge, practical guidance and attention to detail.”

As he exits the company he helped create, Scott himself reflected on his time with Alliant National, and on the many co-workers, clients and friends he met along the way. “When we started Alliant National way back in 2005, I had no idea how it was all going to turn out,” he said. “I knew at the time that we had terrific people in place, strong industry knowledge and a unique selling proposition that we thought would really resonate with people. I had no idea how the operation would grow and evolve, or that we would become such an important part of so many people’s lives.

“I guess, if anything, I just feel immensely grateful to have had this experience,” he added. “The people I’ve worked with over the past decade-and-a-half have been some of the best co-workers and title insurance professionals anyone can ask to work with. I have made connections that I’m sure will last the rest of my life, and I hope that through this work, I have made peoples’ lives a bit better. Title insurance isn’t the easiest industry for people to understand, but it enables ordinary people to build the lives they want with peace of mind. And I think that really matters in the end.”

For anyone who has worked with him, there is no doubt that Scott has made a major impact, and not only in creating a strong, vital company with a sizable presence across the country. As an executive, Scott has modeled poise, servant leadership and a commitment to excellence that one can only hope to encounter during their professional career. He leaves not only an admirable legacy within the organization at Alliant National, but on the entire title insurance industry.

“We started Alliant National with the hope of changing what a title insurance underwriter could be,” said Scott. “I am immensely proud of the operation we’ve built and that our mission to support independent agents remains at the heart of the Alliant National way. I wanted to leave the industry better than I found it. I certainly tried my very best.”

Rest assured Scott, you’ve accomplished what you set out to do. And as you take your last bow at Alliant National, we hope you can rest, recharge, and perhaps find it a bit easier to enjoy a round or two of golf. Considering your track record, we’re sure you have many more holes-in-one in your future.

Congratulations on your retirement, Scott. And thank you from everyone at Alliant National!

graphic congratulating Kara Elgin on her promotion to Underwriting Counsel

Alliant National Announces the Promotion of Kara B. Elgin, Esq. to Underwriting Counsel

Longmont, Colo. – (April 04, 2022) – Alliant National Title Insurance Company, the title insurer that is uniquely responsive to the needs of independent agents, announces the promotion of Kara B. Elgin, Esq. to Underwriting Counsel – Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska.

Elgin initially joined Alliant National in March of 2020 as Associate Underwriting Counsel. A seasoned attorney, Elgin brought nearly 14 years of experience in real estate law to the company, allowing her to quickly make major contributions to its regional operations and support its network of independent agents. In her new role, Elgin will leverage this experience to further support agents’ day-to-day title underwriting needs and offer legal guidance on title and real estate-related matters.

“I am beyond thrilled to accept this promotion and continue to work with a great team and our extensive network of hardworking independent agents,” said Elgin. “It’s truly a pleasure to go to work each day at Alliant National and collaborate with some of the best and brightest professionals in the business. I’m excited to continue growing in my role, to take on new challenges and initiatives, and to help further solidify Alliant National as the industry’s leading title insurance underwriter.”

“Kara is an integral part of our legal team and has been instrumental in helping our agents succeed in their business,” said Jeff Stein, Chief Underwriting Counsel and Senior Vice President at Alliant National. “She has more than earned this promotion, and I have high expectations for her continued growth within our company.”

Elgin received her Juris Doctor at the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law. Prior to that, she obtained her bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Central Missouri. Elgin is also highly active in the title insurance and legal communities. She is a member of the Missouri and Kansas Bar Associations, as well as the land title associations of Mo., Kan., and Neb. In addition, Elgin serves on the education and legislative committees of the Nebraska Land Title Association (NLTA) and the legislative committee of the Missouri Land Title Association (MLTA).

She lives in the Kansas City metropolitan area with her family.

Alliant National supports its independent agents by combining expert residential and
commercial underwriting with a passionate heart for service. The company delivers
uncommon help that promotes the wellbeing of agents and the communities they serve.

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Alliant National is on a mission to empower independent agents while protecting property owners with secure title insurance. The company partners with its agents and never competes against them with direct or affiliate operations. Alliant National serves thousands of title professionals as a licensed underwriter in 31 states and the District of Columbia.

Graphic welcoming Reagan McCracken as Assistant Vice President, Southwest Agency Representative for Alliant National

Alliant National Announces the Hiring of Reagan McCracken as Assistant Vice President, Southwest Agency Representative

Longmont, Colo. – (February 22, 2022) – Alliant National Title Insurance Company, a unique title insurance underwriter that partners with independent agents to improve their competitive position, announces the hiring of Reagan McCracken as Assistant Vice President (AVP) and Southwest Agency Representative.

McCracken is a seasoned and savvy title insurance professional and brings years of experience to Alliant National. Having previously worked for a national title insurance agency in Texas, she is a passionate member of the title insurance community and holds membership in the Texas Land Title Association (TLTA).

In her new role as AVP and Agency Representative for the Southwest, McCracken will be involved in all aspects of the company’s operations in the region. Her primary responsibility, however, will be to support, maintain and grow Alliant National’s footprint in Oklahoma.

“I really couldn’t be happier to accept this position at Alliant National,” said McCracken. “Alliant National’s high reputation, the quality of its agents and the professionalism of its staff speaks for itself. I’m honored and excited to work alongside such a fantastic team, and I look forward to applying my years of experience to help the Southwest team operate as effectively as possible.”

“Both Alliant National and I have acquired a true talent in Reagan,” said KC West, Alliant National’s SVP and Southwest Region Manager. “Her industry knowledge and experience are incredibly impressive. She also intuitively knows how to address many of the complex situations that agents routinely face.”

Alliant National distinguishes itself from competitors by combining strong underwriting capability with independent agents’ in-depth knowledge of local markets. The result is a nationwide network with deep roots in local communities, and a wealth of expertise that is flexible, nuanced and continuously growing. Visit for additional information.


Cathie Beck Capital City Public Relations e: p: 303-241-0805


The words "Good" in orange and "News" in blue as a title and the subtitle "Alliant National 2021 year in review in green. Below the header are 7 people with their hands in the air celebrating.

2021 Is A Record-Breaking Year For Alliant National Title Insurance Company

Company closes out the year riding a wave of dramatic growth.

Longmont, Colo. – (January 25, 2022) – Alliant National Title Insurance Company, a unique title insurance underwriter that partners with independent agents to improve their competitive position, is proud to have closed out 2021 on a high note, having enjoyed record-breaking growth and strong financials during the past 12 months. 

Since its founding 16 years ago, Alliant National has risen to become the leading independent underwriter for the independent agent. The company has experienced significant year-over-year growth as agents increasingly respond to Alliant National’s promise to partner with them and never compete against them.

In 2021 alone, Alliant National brought in 107 new agents, increasing the total number to a company record 627.

Through the strength of these agent partnerships, Alliant National has been able to help more individuals achieve the American Dream and protect their real-estate investments.

As agents increasingly choose Alliant National, the company has leveraged its comprehensive knowledge of regional communities – growing its services and revenues as a result. Over the past five years, the number of policies issued by Alliant National has increased from 173,549 in 2016 to a company record of 287,509 in 2021 – amounting to a $101 million increase in revenue.

The ongoing development of Alliant National’s staff and geographic reach has played a strong role in achieving these results. Five years ago, Alliant National had a team of 66 and was licensed in 21 states. Today, its staff sits at just under 100 members and it has a presence in 30 states and the District of Columbia. New states added in recent years include Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia.

“As I reflect on the past year, I couldn’t be prouder of how our company has grown in terms of agents, footprint and profitability,” said David Sinclair, President and CEO of Alliant National. “I’m humbled by the number of agents who choose to put their trust in us, and I’m confident that our team is well positioned to help our agents achieve even greater success in 2022.”   

Alliant National distinguishes itself from competitors by combining strong underwriting capability with independent agents’ in-depth knowledge of local markets. The result is a nationwide network with deep roots in local communities, and a wealth of expertise that is flexible, nuanced and continuously growing.

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Cathie Beck
Capital City Public Relations
p: 303-241-0805


The Independent Underwriter for The Independent AgentSM – Alliant National believes in empowering people to thrive.

The company protects the dreams of property owners with secure title insurance and partners with 600+ trusted independent title agents as a licensed underwriter in 30
states and the District of Columbia.