For assistance contact it@alliantnational.com

    Compass is a suite of custom-built software applications intended to support different types of users with functionality that is specific to the job-to-be-done.

    Compass includes both desktop applications and web-based applications. All share a common set of credentials. Examples of Compass applications include:


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    How can I find out the status of an agency application?

    To view the status of each segment of the application process, use the Agent Management Dashboard or AMD. (If you do not have access to the AMD, contact the IT team)

    On the first screen of the AMD, go to the “Tools” tab and click on “Applications.” This will bring up the Agent Applications tracking window.

    To find the agent you can use the “Search” Box or available filters. On the first screen you will see an abbreviated tracking window.

    Double-click on the agent row and a more comprehensive screen will appear where you will find the status of key events and a notes box that provides other information on applications such as documents we've received or are still waiting for.

    How can I see if we are coordinating a support request between a title platform software vendor and our Agent?

    To view a support request between a title platform software vendor and our agent, access the ARC site. The information on the status of a support request is located in the Admin side of the ARC under the Task Tab.

    To view a specific request, filter under the Category-Operations Task-Forms as show below. This will narrow the results down to strictly the “in process” software issues. Then select your specific issue by clicking within that line.

    Note: If you do not see “Operations Task” in the Category drop down list, please it@alliantnational.comcontact IT to have it added.

    You will need to have both Open and Closed status tasks open to view all tasks as it may have been resolved by the Product Coordinator. Make sure the Open and Closed boxes are both blue.

    Once your task is opened, you will see the full issue listed in the Request box, a running timeline of efforts made in the Resolution box, documents or screen shots relating to the issue in Attachments, notes including email correspondence and a log of who this task was shared with. Anyone who has the task shared with them will also receive an email with a link to that specific task.


    (720) 248-3565

    Barracuda is an email security service setup and managed by Meriplex Networking.

    You will get a Barracuda account when you are set up on the domain and have an email account.


    Local Computer, Email + Terminal Services

    Contact Meriplex:
    (720) 248-3580

    • If you work in one of our offices in Longmont or Oviedo, or you are accessing our computing environment through Terminal Services, your password is managed by our Windows domain.
    • If you work at a home office or office suite, your computer login credentials are managed by the local computer.

    Compass-related Applications and Sites

    Reset Your Password Here:

    Contact our IT team:

    Mobile Device (if applicable)

    Verizon: (855) 983-1425
    AT&T: (800) 331-0500

    The security settings are managed by the local device. Contact your mobile service provider.

    Desktop Phone

    Contact BluIP:
    (702) 690-4455

    Human Resources

    Contact Insperity:
    (866) 715-3552

    For Insperity TimeStar assistance, contact your direct manager.


    Stacy Stolen, HR Manager
    (303) 682-9800 x120

    Insperity is our outsourced HR provider of payroll, taxes, and benefits services. Insperity provides several different sites and services including:

    • Employee Service Center (payroll and benefits)
    • TimeStar (time off requests and approval)
    • Expensable (company expense entry, submission, approval, and tracking)
    • Optum Health Savings Account

    For questions please contact
    Stacy Stolen, HR Manager
    (303) 682-9800 x120


    (720) 248-3565

    Meriplex is our outsourced technology infrastructure support partner.

    Meriplex handles the following:

    • Setup and configuration of our Windows domain
    • Setup and initial configuration of desktop equipment
    • Email setup and management
    • Email spam service (Barracuda)
    • Backup and restore our servers
    • Real-time technology monitoring
    • End-user support
    Meriplex is the first line of support for all users. Meriplex should be contacted for general computer problems NOT related to Compass, ARC, Sharefile, or Insperity.

    (303) 682-9800 x100

    Contact our National Operations Center in Colorado

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